Maru. 19. Argentina. Roleplayer. I LOVE making new friends. Vegetarian. sXe. Britney Spears is my life. Paramore worshipper. I fucking love Jessie J. Faberry/Achele shipper. Orphan Black. Orange Is The New Black. I also like Nirvana, SWS, PTV, The Wonder Years, MCR, Jimmy Eat World, TPR, Yellowcard, Real Friends. Pop Punk is not dead. Trigger warning.
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Never will be. Stay weird forever.


Omg, Kaya. Good face. <3


it was a 2 second video

I had to click it

I had to know what could possibly happen in two short seconds

regay if your blog


Beyoncé: it was so nice seeing you again brit!

Camera man: you both look beautif-

Britney: shut the fuck up and take the picture before my back gives out Clarence